Number Spies
Agent, here are the full details of Number Spies that you must understand to become a Master Spy.
Number Stations

We have operated Numbers Stations since World War I and throughout the Cold War. We are still using them today.

Each day check the Numbers Station: Alpha - Flash Briefing or listen for transmissions while in the Number Spies - Alexa Skill (see Getting Started ). Currently, our agency is only tracking one numbers station: Alpha. Check the station info to see when and how frequently it transmits. Some days all you will hear is static. Other days, you will hear an interval signal followed by a series of spoken digits:

313 313 313

11111 11111 15907 15907 59784 59784 00475 00475 95697 95697 83083 83083 95888 95888

Your primary duty is to decode these encrypted messages.


Follow the instructions on the decode panel to decypypt the message. Each message will have a VERIFY CODE that you will use in the Number Spies - Alexa Skill to prove that you decoded it properly.

Say: "Alexa, open Number Spies and verify code [VERIFY CODE]."

When you verify the code, you will earn Experience Points and Currency.


  • They allow you to get XP and Currency in Number Spies by completing activities outside the voice app. The real world becomes part of the game.
  • Codes are only valid for 24 hours (starting at 00:00 UTC/24:00 UTC). For example, Mountain Standard Time and Pacific Daylight Time are both UTC-07:00 which is 5 p.m. (24:00 UTC - 07:00 = 17:00 military time or 5 p.m.)
  • Decoding a message will always give you a VERIFY CODE.
  • Auto Decoding (FREE) - Using the Novice tab at will give you a VERIFY CODE.
  • Manual Decoding (SUBSCRIPTION) – Using the Codebreaker tab (with the one-time pad, checkerboard, and code book) will give you a different VERIFY CODE that gives you more points.
  • At times, a decoded message might lead you to a website with instructions on how to redeem additional VERIFY CODES.
  • Some encoded messages might include a city name, a clue to a city name, or a what3words location. You should verify the message code first before traveling to that city. This unlocks additional points or information.

The in-game currency is called: Currency (or sometimes cash).

You can earn Currency by:

  • Decoding and verifying a Numbers Station transmission (almost always)
  • Going on a mission (when it is successful)
  • Traveling to a city (depending on what you do there)

Traveling to a city always costs Currency and depending on what happens there, you could earn or lose more.

You can also lose Currency by going on a mission (if things go badly).

Experience Points (XP)

You start the game as a New Recruit at level 1 with 0 XP. You can earn more when you:

  • Decode and verify a message
  • Go on a mission
  • Travel to a city

Some of these same activities could cause you to loose some XP. The dangers of being a spy.

As you gain more XP, you advance levels:

Level Name XP
1 New Recruit 0
2 Informer 500
3 Junior Examiner 2000
4 Senior Examiner 4000
5 Junior Interrogator 6000
6 Senior Interrogator 8000
7 Shadow 10000
8 Inspector 12000
9 Spy 14000
10 Master Spy 17000

As a spy, you must become a master of disguise and have the documents to "prove" who you are. You need one or more Aliases.

When you start the game, you have 1 alias that THE AGENCY assigns you. To be active, this Alias must be assigned to an Alias Slot.

It is automatically assigned to Alias Slot 1 which you can see is now the active slot:

Slot 1 A
J Bourne
Slot 2

You also start the game with an empty Alias Slot (Slot 2) where you can add another alias.

Use the Make Alias panel to create a cover identity with a name that you choose. This will generate a temporary, unique ALIAS CODE that you can redeem in the Number Spies - Alexa Skill. This code will self-destruct in 24 hours.

In the Skill, you can also generate an Alias which will assign a new cover identity for you.

An alias that is generated or redeemed will be added to the next empty Alias Slot:

Slot 1 A
J Bourne
Slot 2
S Bristow

Each level you advance, you will earn an empty Alias Slot:

Slot 1 A
J Bourne
Slot 2
S Bristow
Slot 3

You can choose to set the active Alias Slot to 2 (or any slot assigned an alias):

Slot 1
J Bourne
Slot 2 A
S Bristow
Slot 3

When an Alias is blown, it can no longer be used. This will remove both the Alias and the Slot:

Slot 1 A
J Bourne
Slot 2

Slot 1 is automatically made the active alias slot.

In the Spy Store, you can buy an Alias Kit that adds an empty Alias Slot:

Slot 1 A
J Bourne
Slot 2
Slot 3

Or, you can buy a Fake Passport that adds a slot and assigns a generated alias to it.

Slot 1 A
J Bourne
Slot 2
C Finley
Slot 3

As long as you have an Alias, one will be the ACTIVE Alias Slot. You can set which Slot Number is active. When an Alias is blown, the active Alias will be the one removed.


At the start of the game, your missions (or jobs) are mostly trailing people or other similar activities.

On missions you can:

  • Earn (or lose) Currency
  • Earn (or lose) XP
  • Have an Alias blown

As you advance levels, you will have more variety in your missions. You will also earn more Currency for each job.

You can only go on a mission every 90 minutes. You can choose to set a reminder.


You can travel to many cities in the world. Travel always costs Currency and the amount depends on the destination city. All travel is round-trip. Depending on what happens on your trip, you could earn or lose Currency.

Never travel as yourself; always use a cover identity (or alias). If you don't have an alias, you can't travel. What that means is that you need to have an Alias Slot that has been assigned an Alias. Be careful when you travel as your alias can be blown.

To travel quickly when you have no aliases, buy a Fake Passport from the Spy Store.

Spy Store

Buying items in the Spy Store is not required to play the game. There are other ways to get Currency or XP. In the store, you exchange real-life money from your Amazon Account for items to help you in the game.

Case Officer/Handler

You work with your case officer throughout the game. That is the voice that you hear.

You can change that voice to one of the folloiwng:

Number Name Gender Country
1 Nathan M USA
2 Ella F USA
3 Holly F USA
4 Joel M USA
5 Jeffrey M USA
6 Kelly F USA
7 Natalie F USA
8 Shelly F USA
9 Olivia F Australia
10 Riley M Australia
11 Ava F United Kingdom
12 Grant M United Kingdom
13 Emily F United Kingdom
14 Kamala F India
15 Pia F India
16 Fritz M Germany
17 Mara F Germany
18 Helena F Germany
19 Maria M Spain
20 Francisco M Spain
21 Bianca F Spain
22 Lorenzo M Italy
23 Yui F Japan
24 Kaito M Japan
25 Claire F France
26 Sophia F France
27 Marcellus M France